O Antiphons – December 19

We continue our reflections on the O Antiphons with the Antiphon for this evening…

O Root of Jesse’s stem,pp_root 19
sign of God’s love for all his people:
come to save us without delay!


History and certain types of fiction are strewn with the fact that one family may change the course of history.  The Ceasars.  The Bourges.  The Tudors.  The Kennedys.

One can say that the House of Jesse is amongst this list, for good or ill. Jesus’ family is both famous and notorious.  His relatives were amongst the great.  They built temples and sanctuaries.  United kingdoms.  Brought peace to the Holy Land.  But they also divided kingdoms because of their marital infidelity, worshipped alien gods and sent sons and daughters to war with the certainty of death.  Jesus’ family history includes prostitutes, reformers, scoundrels, singers and men of wisdom.

Then again, some of our families are much the same way.  Which family hasn’t a black sheep?  Which family hasn’t a member or two that we would rather not talk about?  Who has a relative in jail?  Has been sued for an unrighteous deed—or ought to be?

Yet in God’s amazing providence, He enters into the messy human family to show us how to live and die.  He enters into the family life to show us that we belong to our Great Father in Heaven. Jesus indeed is a great sign of love and fidelity, urging us to a deeper love and compassion of the Father and each other.

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