The Feast of Holy Messiness

Today is the Sunday after Christmas, and as such, we celebrate the Solemnity of Holy Family of Jesus, his foster foster Joseph, and the woman of their lives, Mary.

…or as I would like to say, today we celebrate the Solemnity of Holy Messiness.index

One of my favorite families in the world lives in the Midwest.  They have three boys under the age of five.  It’s awesome.  But messy.

Three days a week, the mother has a laundry day, where sacks and sacks of dirty clothing go through the washer, the dryer, gets folded, just to get dirty again.  Then there is the kitchen floor.  Thank goodness that it is tile, right?  The middle and youngest boys are always throwing cereal, fruit, rice, meat—twice as much food ends up on the floor as opposed to their mouths.

Yet, when I would ask my friends about how their lives are going, radiant smiles shine.  When all the plates and forks and laundry are put away, and night prayers are said…they are fulfilled.

saint-joseph-the-carpenter-georges-de-la-tourMary and Joseph didn’t have the convenience of electricity or dish washers or Facebook when they were rearing Jesus.  Yet the beauty of this family of Nazareth is that they found their holiness in ordinary things.  Not in performing miracles or seeing visions—but in eating together, praying together, having arguments and resolving them.  Living with each other, finding God in the other, and thanking God for the gift.

Saint Joseph and Mary, pray for us!

Merry Christmas!

(Originally published for the bulletin.)

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