Baptism of the Lord Reflection: A Grown Up Faith


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As you may remember, my first assignment was the parochial vicar at the Catholic Community at Stanford.  (Go Cardinal.  Beat Cal.)  One of the reasons why I have an affection for campus ministry boils down to one point: acquiring a grown-up faith.

A tragedy of the post-Vatican II era is the lack of grown-up faith in much of our Church.  At least in my experience, I was given a rather infantile level of catechesis.  In one CCD class I was in, I learned more about Islam than I did about the Beatitudes.  I knew how to be a faithful Muslim, but I was unable to tell you the Patronal Feast of our country.  (By the way, it’s the Immaculate Conception.)

The Baptism of the Lord, Fra. Angelico, OP

The Baptism of the Lord, Fra. Angelico, OP

The Baptism of the Lord teaches that it is time to grow up.  We are called to study, to inquire, to read and engage with our faith.  What is the tradition that we are a part of?  What makes it unique?  What makes it beautiful?  What makes it true?  Why should I stay Catholic in the first place?

It’s time to grow up.

Tomorrow, we will find ourselves in Ordinary Time.  The Green time, as it were.  This is a time in which we use the graces given to us during Advent and Christmas (do we even remember what the O Antiphons are?) in order to bring the world closer to God.

Let us pray for one another, living and learning, giving the gift of the Child Christ to all we meet.

Holy Father Dominic, pray for us!

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