Lent – a season of giving

Lent is a season of giving.

One may argue that the season of giving is Christmas.  But why not Lent?

It is during Lent that we give up chocolate and movies and Facebook.  It is during Lent that we give up meat and gossiping and whining.

But what if we look at Lent—not as a season of drudgery—but as a season of offering a gift to God?  Can we not give our sacrifices of chocolate and our time on Facebook and our delight in eating sugar and protein as a gift to someone who has given us Divine Life?

Why not give our sacrifices in this Great Season as a gift to the Father?

Because afterall, His Son gave his sweat, flesh and blood to give us the gift of immortality.  The least we can do is offer a minor annoyance in order to give God the gift of ourselves.

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