Third Week of Lent – Humility

Humility is a fleeing virtue.  The moment you think that you have obtained it, it flies away.  It’s for a simple reason, really.  The moment you think that you have obtained humility, you would like to boast that you are humble, and well—it just doesn’t work.

Humility is not downplaying your gifts and talents.  It is not saying that you a worser person than you actually are.  Humility is admitting your faults and vices as well as your gifts and virtues.  Humility is knowing what you have accomplished in life—with God’s help—and knowing how much work needs to be done.  Because afterall, God gave you your gifts in the first place—of course you ought to glory in the things that the Lord has accomplished in your life.

Let us be thankful for all the good that the Lord has done.  Let us persevere in virtue and humility and obtain our life’s ambition: seeing our God face-to-face.

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