…of Easter Eggs and Bunnies – Monday of the Octave of Easter

credit: mattymfiction.wordpress.com

credit: mattymfiction.wordpress.com

Our culture is once more letting its Christianity show when Safeway puts Easter Eggs and chocolate Easter Bunnies on sale. For a very simple reason, Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies are a wonderful and profound Easter Symbol—if we allow it to be.

Ponder the egg.  Life potential.  The symbol of a new life being born.

Now ponder the bunny.  Perhaps the most fertile mammal on the planet.


Noli me Tangere by Fra Angelico, OP

The egg and the bunny are symbols of new life—new life in Christ. A new life that has been given to us.  In looking at these symbols, we are reminded of the life that we have when we were baptized.  Moreover, we are reminded of the new life that we are to live by the very partaking of Eucharist.

New Life.

The Resurrection of Jesus has given us a new life, and the eggs and bunnies remind us of the life we are to live.

May the fruit of the Easter Octave inspire you, and bring you closer to He Who Calls.

Holy Father Dominic, pray for us!

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