Our Pastor’s (& Deacons’) Corner, May 25, 2014, Sixth Sunday of Easter

On this Sixth Sunday of Easter, we continue to follow the adventure of the early Church. Though persecuted, the apostles boldly preach, teach and heal in the name of Christ causing an explosion of Holy Spirit power which sends tremors of grace throughout the Roman Empire. Last week, we discovered how the apostles were aided in their preaching by the ministry of deacons ordained for service. The rich tradition of diaconal service continues here at St. Dominic’s. In order to better appreciate this wealth of diaconal ministry, last week we heard from Deacons Dan Rosen and Chuck McNeil. This weekend we hear from Deacon Mike and two preparing to be ordained, Jimmy Salcido and Dino Ornido. I hope that these stories have helped you to better appreciate and thank God for the blessings which our deacons are to St. Dominic’s. Keep them in your prayers as they continue bring Christ alive in our parish.
~Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P.

FrMDeaconand_color_cropDeacon Mike Curran: “I have been a member of St. Dominic’s parish for almost 20 years. Prior to my ordination in 2008 I served in the Landings ministry, the Parish Council, as a Mass coordinator and Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, and assisted my late wife Dianna when she was the director of the parish Renew 2000. During formation I went to class one night a week at the Chancery, and one weekend a month at the seminary. I also served at the homeless shelter at 5th and Bryant, the Ozanam detox center at 8th and Howard, St. Boniface Parish in the Tenderloin for two years, as well as the baptismal class at St. Dominic for a year. Since ordination I taught the monthly baptismal class and the two-night monthly marriage prep class. I have celebrated the sacrament of baptism 275-300 times. I prepared 30-40 couples per year for marriage, preached occasionally, and worked in the Lima Center two days a week. I’ve also presided at weddings and funerals as needed, and counseled couples having difficulty in their marriage. Although I retired because of health issues I still try to help around the parish where I can. And I continue to assist the Dominican Sisters at Rose Court, where I live. From the time I began formation until now it has felt as if being a deacon was “just right” for me. If I had to pick one word to describe my diaconal service to the people of God at St. Dominic’s it would be: JOY!

Jimmy Salcido: “I was born in 1947, in this parish, at Stanford University Hospital, which is now CPMC on Sacramento and Buchanan Sts. I started setting up chairs in the parish hall 55 years ago. I took a hiatus of 40 years and resumed setting up chairs again in 1999. I entered the RCIA class that year with my sponsor, Mike Curran, who was not yet a deacon. Actually, I refer to Mike affectionately as my Godfather. For next three years I was the most blessed person at St. Dominic’s. I couldn’t receive; I could only cross my arms and get blessed. I never missed a Sunday. I probably hold the record for the longest reigning catechumen in the history of St. Dominic’s. Mike got a little grayer in those three years. As a catechumen, in 1999, I started serving as an usher. Back then we referred to it as the Hospitality Ministry. Presently, in addition to ushering, I’m a Mass Coordinator, an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, a lector, a member of the outreach commission that oversees participation in the sandwich program, coffee minutes and second spring. I’m also a columbarium guardian. This brings us to why I want to be a deacon. Two years ago two deacons and a Dominican Sister reinforced what I have known since 1999–that I’ve been called to serve. At this point in my life there is nothing I want to do other than serve Jesus Christ, my family and His Church. A deacon is the bridge between the clergy and laity. In the deacon’s liturgical ministry, as in a mirror, the Church sees a reflection of her own diaconal character and is reminded of her mission to serve as Jesus did. This is what I aspire to do. Vatican II says, In a world hungry and thirsty for convincing signs of the compassion and liberating love of God, the deacon sacramentalizes the mission of the Church in his words and deeds, responding to the master’s command of service and providing real-life examples of how to carry it out. I would like to think that I’m doing this now.”

Dino Ornido: “I am 45 years old, and I am the husband of Katharine and father to Michael and Elle. who both just received Confirmation. I have been in both the diaconate formation and St Dominic’s for 2 years. My wife and I are currently involved in the Marriage Preparation ministry. We also serve as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and lectors at the Sunday 5:30 mass. (I will soon be trained for the Acolyte ministry.) The reason why I want to be a deacon is I want to embrace more closely all God’s love and beauty I see in our world. I see God in my children’s eyes and in my wife’s kindness. I feel the love of God especially in times of trials and tragedies. I see it because no matter how bad things get, God always gets me through it in a way that humbles me. Being humbled nourishes me; I always feel growth in my heart and soul through God’s grace. God helps me see a love greater than all. His great love is both a mystery and lesson that life is truly a gift from God.”

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