Father’s been keeping a secret…part two

Ever since this post, many parishioners have been asking for an update regarding the Tuscany Prize.  When is the book going to be released?  When will you do a dramatic reading?  Or my personal favorite, “Can I please have a free, signed copy of the book?”

ancient letter and ink feathI was told early on that I will receive word if I had made the finals mid-August, and the winners will be released around Labor Day.  Well, last week, I received an e-mail from the editors of the Tuscany Prize.  There has been increase of over 40% of entries into the prize, so the main reason that I haven’t heard until a few days ago was because of sheer volume of entries.

Anyhow.  After a well written, elegant email, I was told that I did not make the top ten in my category.  I did not make the finals.

I feel at a little bit of a loss.  Yes, I will undergo my mourning period and sad phase about not making the top ten.  But where do I go from here?

As of this writing, I really don’t know.  (Eventually, I need to contact Tuscany and see if there is any feedback that they would like to warrant.  But that ain’t happenin’ now.) The reason that I’m bummed about this is not only because I didn’t make the top ten, though that, in itself, is a pretty good reason. The reason for my bummyness (I’m pretty sure that I just created a word) is that the book’s essence cuts to the heart of one of things I am most passionate about.

I love being with people in their struggle towards sainthood.  How do we find God while walking in Union Square?  Where is God in BART accidents?  Who am I?  What am I doing with my life?  How do I pray?  How do I discern my vocation?

Wandering in the Moonlight is about a young guy who has these questions, and is about his beloved girlfriend as she is trying to piece her life back together.  Existential God questions, as I like to say.  All of my thoughts, insights, and theology about these kinds of questions have been poured into this work.  I was blessed over a year ago with a a substantial amount of time to systematize these thoughts into a fictional form.

Further, writing the work was a profound spiritual exercise for me, experiencing my own faults and gifts, and my God, in the process of writing.  I thank God for His gift of Wandering in the Moonlight to me.  The only reason Praedicare exists is because I had rediscovered his gift of writing.

bow in prayer 2I need to remind myself, daily, to be thankful.  I am thankful that I didn’t get my cowardice get in the way.  I was brave enough to complete the manuscript, get Provincial permission to publish, re-title the novel, pay my shekels and submit the script for consideration.  I screwed up the courage to present the opening scene at Coffeehouse.  Over the past three weeks, I found myself in the Friar’s Chapel praying for a spirit of detachment and praying that the Lord’s will be done with my manuscript.  I need to see this as a victory in itself.

Now I have to find someone crazy enough to call himself or herself my publisher….

Holy Father Dominic, pray for us!


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  1. I enjoyed reading your story. Love the tone, pacing, ponderings, and the space it leaves you for relating it to my own life personally. I am sorry to hear that your entry didn’t make it to the top 10. Tuscany is only one venue, there are a LOT of possibilities for getting your voice, creativity, and your work out there. You have a great writing style, which makes your blog fun to read (as well as educational!). How about trying to start an online site of your writings, or perhaps as an add on here? Maybe you’ll find ways to publish your works independently, as many writers are doing today? Networking to making this a reality? Whatever you choose, I hope the voice isn’t silenced, as I look forward to reading more!

    P.S. I would absolutely LOVE to see a whole series and/or a blog section, devoted to “A Day in the Life of A Priest” here! Very insightful and entertaining :-).

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