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A few weeks ago, the newly-formed and active Married Couples Group at St. Dominic’s held a Wills & Rolls night. Around a dozen couples gathered at O’Mai Cafe on Clement Street to meet other married Catholic couples, have great Vietnamese food and discuss the future.  Thanks, Yelena, for the write up!

The owners of O’Mai are parishioners of St Dominic’s.  Please support them!  It’s a great place!  

Holy Father Dominic, pray for us!


A few weeks ago, in September, my husband and I, along with some other delightful married and engaged couples attended a fantastic event organized by the St. Dominic’s Married Couples Group – Rolls and Wills: Vietnamese Cooking Class & Wills Lecture.

mcgPart of the new Cooking Class series that the group has been organizing, the event drew in an interesting group of people, giving us a unique opportunity to enjoy ourselves in the company of other like-minded couples, master some useful kitchen skills, and most of all, to deepen in our commitment to our relationships and marriages.

The evening was full of activities tailored specifically for couples to make meaningful connections, laugh, and learn. We mingled, sampled some delicious Vietnamese dishes – tamarind chicken being my favorite, chuckled with other couples as we, at first very clumsily, learned to roll our Vietnamese Spring Rolls, and thought of our lives’ commitments as we listened to the Will Drafting lecture.

As our hosts Peter and Madison spoiled us with delectable food and insightful advice, we grew closer together as couples, sharing our life stories, our love of food and cooking, and our hopes (and fears) for the future. The night drawing to a close, I was sad to leave, but happy to have attended such an enjoyable and meaningful event.

Thinking back to the night, I feel blessed to be part of St. Dominic’s Married Couples Group, to be part of such a dynamic, caring, and devoted group of people, group of friends, truly. While the parish has a wide variety of social units, the Married Couples Group uniquely focuses on organizing entertaining, informative, and interactive events that help couples grow closer together in their relationship and in their faith. So whether you’ve been married for decades or are just thinking about entering into matrimony, by joining the Married Couples Group and participating in their events, I hope that just as my husband and I have, you will find the emotional and spiritual support that you need and seek on your journey of life and of matrimony.



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  1. Thank you Yelena,

    Let us love one another as God loves each one of us. And where does this love begin? In our own home. How does it begin? By praying together.

    Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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