Remembering the Submission Part of Spiritual Rehab

Last week I suggested we approach Lent as though checking our souls into a really good rehabilitation center – one where the best doctor in existence cares for us. Our acts of penance are sort of like the tasks doctors frequently give patients – special exercises and whatnot – expecting those patients to play a role in their own care. It is essential to remember, however, this role played by a patient does not make that patient his or her own doctor. Lenten penance should strengthen us in order for us to be freer to submit to the healing care only God can provide. As we grow through our penance this Lent, we should explore periodically whether or not our growth is happening with a clearer sense of submission to God. If not, this growth could just be a vain development of our own discipline, like simply being able to thrive with fewer sweets or less alcohol. Discipline is good, but submission to God is the goal that leads to eternal happiness, which is the ultimate aim of God’s health plan for our souls. Let us retain our sense of who the real doctor is and continue submitting to His infinitely just, merciful, and loving care. This Saturday morning, I hope to see all who are available and interested in attending the Lenten Day at Spiritual Rehab scheduled from 8am to 11:30am in the Lady Chapel here at St. Dominic’s. After morning mass and coffee and refreshments, the first of three talks will begin at 9am. Interspersed between the talks will be time for guided silent reflection.

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