Dominican Jubilee

Per usual, there are so many wonderful things happening at my favorite parish in the City by the Bay!

Today, we celebrate the Feast of St Jude, that wonderful patron of the impossible.  We thank you, Fr. Boniface, for being our preacher over these last nine days.  May the Lord continually bless your ministry at St Dominic’s in Eagle Rock and please say hello to the brothers for us.

jubileeop-logo-whiteI hope you know by now that the Order of Preachers is celebrating 800 years of the Gift of Life in 2016.  For eight centuries, Dominic’s sons and daughters have been proclaiming that Christ is Lord.  Being ministers of the Word of God, we have been challenging and encouraging a deeper relationship with the Triune God.

I am so joyful for being part of this endeavor, to be part of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Master of the Order of Preachers, Fr. Bruno Cadore, OP

Master of the Order of Preachers, Fr. Bruno Cadore, OP

On October 31st, Master Bruno will be here to celebrate the Opening Celebration of the Dominican Order’s 800th Jubilee.  Here, of all places–not in Bologna where St Dominic is buried, not in Calaruega where he was born, not in Paris, one of the centers of our Order, but here in San Francisco, not in Rome, not in Manila, not anywhere else–will the heir of Dominic celebrate a Mass opening this year of joy.

And how will we open this year as a parish?  By deepening and forming our faith–how else would we?  I’m excited about this upcoming conference, happening on Saturday November 7th, the Feast of All Saints of the Order of Preachers.

It is one thing to know and understand our faith.  But it is another thing to put our faith in action.  St Dominic’s Jubilee Conference is all about that, where we focus on “Radiating the Joy of the Gospel in the Heart of the City.”  It is one thing to fall in love with Christ; it is another thing to tell someone about it.

The funny thing about being in love is that you want to tell the entire world that you are in love. Well–how do we tell people of the love we have for Jesus and His Church?  Come and be part of this conference and find out.

Find out more about St Dominic’s Jubilee Conference and all of our upcoming Jubilee events here.


Holy Father Dominic pray for us!



God, Father of mercy,
who called your servant Dominic de Guzman
to set out in faith
as an itinerant pilgrim and a preacher of grace,
as we celebrate the Jubilee of the Order
we ask you to pour again into us
the Spirit of the Risen Christ,
that we might faithfully and joyfully proclaim
the Gospel of peace,
through the same Christ our Lord.


Dominican Jubilee — 2 Comments

  1. Really looking forward to participating in the Dominican 800-Year Jubliee. The historical significance and invitation we all have to grow in faith together is moving. Imagine the possibilities… Thank you. Debbe

  2. Happy Jubliee!!

    “Peace is defined as harmony among those who are divided. When, therefore, we end the civil war within our nature and cultivate peace within ourselves, we become peace”

    St. Gregory of Nyssa

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