Happy Epiphany!

Hello dear readers!

As we enter more deeply into this Christmas Season, and look into this traditional Twelfth Day of Christmas, we at St Dominic’s often wonder how we can be a better gift to the People of God and to Christ Himself.

That said, we are thinking about making some changes–hopefully for the better–when it comes to the blog.

Knowing the limitations and desires of the People of God in today’s Twitter/Facebook/sound-bite world, we would like to let you know that our primary contributor, Fr Isaiah Mary, will be taking a substantial step-back from posting.  He surmises that he will post “perhaps twice a month?” on Wednesdays.

Moreover, we have a bigger question for you, gentle reader: What do you want out of this blog?

What kinds of topics concern you?  What would you like us to write about?  What do you need to read?

Of course, we are more than happy to cross-post Our Dominican Corners from the bulletin, but how can we serve you to help you radiate the Joy of the Gospel from the heart of our city?

Please let us know via comments or emailing us at blog@stdominics.org.

Holy Father Dominic, pray for us!


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  1. It is not what I expected when I reviewed the web page of St Dominic and I couldn’t find anything about the Latino Community -most devotional group of the St Jude adoration- I wonder if this should be corrected.

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