March 30, 2016 – Wednesday in the Octave of Easter

March 30, 2016 – Wednesday in the Octave of Easter

Saint for the day: Peter Regalado (1390-1456)

Acts 3:1-10

Psalm 105

Luke 24:13-35

“If you have risen with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God, Alleluia. (Today’s Communion Antiphon.)

Any time you get the feeling that we’re living in the “last days” and everything is going to hell in a hand basket, click on the link to today’s saint, Peter Regalado, highlighted above. He lived in a time when there was turmoil on almost every side of the world he lived in. He must have had some of the same insights that our own, Pope Francis so often speaks of regarding our own Gospel Call. Reading the brief account of Peter Regalado’s life might give you added incentive to do everything in your power to take the words of the gospels as a real part of your life.

The other phrase that keeps popping up is the ”on the way” during this octave week of Easter: Peter and John on the way to the three o’clock hour of prayer; the two disciples on the way to Emmaus; Mary Magdalen on the way to tell the disciples that she has seen the resurrected Jesus. And, again, our own St. Catherine of Siena, “it’s Heaven all the way to Heaven!

What this does for us, as we struggle to meet Jesus, is it takes us out of our locked upper rooms where we try to escape the pain of the outer world and puts us out on the road. On the way. We have to be careful not to become like the S & Ps who lock out everything that tends to move toward God in order to cling to the past. Jesus tells his disciples, “I go before you to prepare a place for you so that we can be together in my father’s house.” In all of this I hope that we can see that it’s in the journeying – the moving out – that we are fortified by the Holy Spirit and meet the Risen Christ.

Here on this third day after Easter we are reminded once again that we need to raise our eyes – from any sense of discouragement – and look into the face of the Risen Lord just like Peter and John say to the paralytic at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple, “Look at us!” It’s almost as if they were saying, “We’ve seen the Risen Christ and He has become a part of us that we now share with you.” And the first miracle of the infant church happens. These Gospel Words are the same thing that our Pope Francis keeps reminding us is our call in following Jesus. Once we believe this we have something to share with others which, most likely, will happen as we are on the way! Amen!

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