Brother Daniel is on Pilgrimage for the Dominican Jubilee

This weekend I will be away on a pilgrimage to Spain, France and Italy.  This will be a time for me to go to the very foundations of the Dominican Order in this year when we are celebrating the 800th Anniversary of the foundations of the Order of Preachers.  The tour will start in Spain where the Order first began.  We will go to the birthplace of St. Dominic and some of the first communities which were founded in Spain.  We will also visit communities of friars, nuns and sisters in France and Italy.  We will have a Mass at the tomb of St. Dominic and many other significant places that tell us of the early days of the Dominican Order which was founded in 1216.

 I will not try to post my Scratchpad Reflection while I am in Europe because we will be in so many different areas and time zones and internet connections won’t always be available. Also, I would like to be able to focus on the“pilgrimage theme” and not have to be distracted by internet connections, etc.  Please keep all of us (16 friars and 51 friends of the Dominicans) in your prayers for safe travel and an abundance  of good insights into the early Dominican traditions.  Thank you for being patient during my travels.

 Brother Daniel, Dominican Pilgrim.


Brother Daniel is on Pilgrimage for the Dominican Jubilee — 2 Comments

  1. What an awesome journey! Wishing you many exciting and inciteful experiences.

    All the best on your journey

    Tony Godkin

  2. Br. Daniel,
    God bless you on your “pilgrimage”. MS

    “God has taken vessels just like you and me — marred and flawed as we are — and used us in great and mighty ways.… God is not finished with you.”

    The Power of Desperation, Michael Catt
    American Baptist pastor, present day

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