December 31, 2016 – 7th day in the octave of Christmas – New Year’s Eve

Saint for the day: Sylvester 1 (died 335)

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

1 John 2:18-21    –    Psalm 96    –    John 1:1-18

“In the beginning was the Word; and the word was with God and the Word was God.”

The first words of today’s Gospel stand in contrast to the fact that we are at New Year’s Eve! “In the beginning …” every ending is also a new beginning and “there is nothing new under the sun.” The child at a Jewish Seder asks, “Why is this day different from all others?” And we might be asking that same question. As soon as God chose to enter into our world in the flesh eternal time was wed to our passing counting and “one day with the Lord is as a thousand elsewhere.” Our endings are as our beginnings and every beginning requires a move from something locked in a past moment with a somewhat dangerous step into the unknown.

“In the beginning was the word…” and the word – quoting from Genesis was, “God saw that it was good.” When Jesus asks the blind man what he wants he says, That I may see.” Jesus is the Light that no darkness can diminish. There are 366 places in the Bible that say something about not fearing. So, bottom line: when God looks at our lives He says, “It is good!” And He promises to help us see and gives us light for the dark times of our journey. Here we are at the end and also at the beginning and the word of God is the constant for us not to have fear. What will 2017 bring us? Peace? Or more war? Sickness or health? Will there be any changes in the New Year? What will be different?

I can not end wars around the world. I alone can not end poverty and starvation. But I can change myself. One stone at a time. Give it a try. Start with the blind man’s answer to Jesus’ question: “That I might see … someone in need; someone hurting; some wrong being done; some situation where I can bring hope and healing … Start small in your own back yard with people who know you too well and ask that Lord to give you insight into what might be most important for your to do. Give it a try! Have a Happy New Year Everyone! Amen!

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