February 24, 2017 – Friday in the 7th Week of the Church Year

Today’s ‘Blessed’: Luke Belludi (1200 – c. 1285)

 Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

Sirach 6:5-17    –    Psalm 119    –    Mark 10:1-12

 “Your word, O Lord is truth; consecrate us in the truth.”(Today’s ‘Gospel acclamation.’)

At first glance today’s first scripture passage – from our continuing journey through the Old Testament Book of Sirach – sounds like it could have been written by someone like Ann Landers and we might paraphrase it with another familiar saying, “Let your words be sound and sweet because sometime you might have to eat them!” Another way of putting that comes from our own St. Dominic who often said, “I wish only to speak either to – or about God. Think what our world would be like if that was something that many people espoused in their day to day lives? It might be worthwhile to go back and read that passage from Sirach again. But take it slowly, letting the words really sink in.

Then, by the time you get to today’s Holy Gospel, the words of Jesus hold up another ideal in relation to the way we view marriage: two people who vow to be one in the sight of God. Not always an easy task. But one that shouldn’t be lightly put aside. Jesus uses the words, “Moses allowed a marriage to be terminated because of their hardness of heart!”  This seems to be something that Jesus wasn’t all that much for and he reminds us that it shouldn’t be something that we just take very causally. It also requires people to take seriously the commitment where marriage brings two individuals together to become one in Christ Jesus. A unity that is sometimes very difficult to attain. May the Lord, our God fill us with all the graces needed to follow Him more perfectly. Amen!

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