June 1, 2017 – Thursday in the 7th Week of Easter

Saint for the day:  Justin Martyr (c, 100 – 165)

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

Acts 22:30, 23:6-11   –   Psalm 16   –   John 17:20-26

“I bless the Lord who counsels me; even in the night my heart exhorts me. I set the Lord ever before me; with him at my right hand I shall not be disturbed. (Psalm 16:5)

In today’s Holy Gospel Jesus is still praying, “that they may be one, Father, as you and I.” These are words from John’s Gospel called the “Last Discourse” in the part that’s called the “Priestly Prayer of Jesus.”

Even though Jesus prayed this prayer he was still struggling with His own understanding of how that “oneness” would come about. In the Garden of Gethsemane he prays, “Father, if possible, take this cup of suffering from me … but thy will be done.”

 The Apostles and followers of Jesus could very easily have seen all of this and come to the conclusion, “It’s not working! Let’s go back to fishing!” Which, of course, is what they actually did until … Enter the Holy Spirit: the comforter; the re-creator; the fire of love. And those fearful and confused men were re-created anew.

All of us have to remember that we don’t just read and re-read these Holy Scriptures season after season and year after year – as a kind of memorial but more as an outline of how we are to be open to the possibility of being turned in to disciples.

At the beginning of today’s reflection I highlighted one part of today’s responsorial psalm: “… I set the Lord ever before me;” But it would be good for you to go back and re-read the entire psalm as it is given to us today. Personalize it in any way you can: “Lord, keep Daniel in your refuge; Daniel says you are my Lord; it is you who hold fast Daniel’s lot.”

If we don’t do this with all of the Holy Scriptures that we hear … they are just going in one ear and out the other!

“Keep Daniel safe, O God; you are Daniel’s hope.” Amen!

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