June 6, 2017 – Tuesday in the 9th Week of the Church Year

“One day with the Lord is as a thousand elsewhere!

As our Church moves into the season called “Ordinary Time” June 6, 2017 – Tuesday in the 9th Week of the Church Year I find myself in an unique period that I’ll call, “Un-ordinary time.” It all centers around the fact that I am away from my home base in San Francisco and spending a few days of Easer Break

On the California Coast. Being at this lovely, picturesque spot is always a wonderful time for me to re-charge my my own batteries while still be able to write my Scratchpad Reflections. This time, however, I seem to have neglected to include the “power cord” of my computer and I will not be able to post as I usually do the Evening before the actual date.


I think I’ll be able to get this reflection posted and I’ll have to see how long the batteries hold up. I’ll be here until Friday, June 9th and then I return to San Francisco. So, enjoy today’s post while it lasts and I’ll be back on line as soon as I get access to power. I think there might be a lesson in all of this that could be worked into our own reflection about the journey in following the Resurrected Lord. Amen!

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