September 25, 2017 – Monday in the 25th Week of the Church Year

Saints for the day: Louis Martin & Zelie Guerin Deaths: 1894 & 1877

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

Ezra 1:1-6 – Psalm 126 – Luke 8:16-18

“Journeying: becoming the ‘People of God.’” / “Let your light shine so that all may see.”

We begin in the book of Ezra but only for a couple of days so let’s get the most out of it while we can. Ezra is fulfilling the prophesy of Jeremiah to assemble all the people as one to go to Jerusalem and build a ‘House for the Lord.”

At first, the words of the Lord, “Who are you to build me a house?” come to mind. Still we leave our places of comfort and security and ‘go out on the road’ to begin our journey to the Lord. For all ages and in every time we are the people on the way. And Jesus continues this admonition when he tells us over and over, “Come, follow me.”

Then, in order for us not to be left in the dark he says, “I am the Light of the World” so that we will not stumble in darkness. Paul will later say, “fan the flame of faith that you have been given so that you may become – even as you are on the way – the ‘People of God.”

We are admonished to let that light shine for all in the household to see. We don’t just let it shine in order for us to be seen as great people but, rather so they might see the wonders of God all around us. Many of us ‘old-timers’ remember one of our ‘childhood songs,’ “This little light of mine;   I’m gonna let it shine…” Even now, we are told to put that light on a lamp stand so all in the room may see. Not under the bed but out where it gives light for all to see. Even when we feel that we don’t have much of that light we still set it up and in doing so, the end of this Gospel is fulfilled: to the one who has, more will be given; but to him who has not (eg doesn’t let the light shine) even that will be taken from him and given to the one who has more. Harsh words? Yes. But words that we must hear. They are reminiscent of the parable of the talents: “don’t just sit there; do something even if it’s just a very little and you’ll see what God will do for you. Amen!

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