October 6, 2017 – Friday in the 26th Week of the Church Year

Saint for the day: Bruno (c. 1030 – October 6, 1101)

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

Baruch 1:15 – 22 – Psalm 79 – Luke 10:13 – 16

“Those who keep God’s word with a good and perfect heart patiently bring forth fruit.” (Today’s Communion based on Luke 8:15)

 My oft repeated phrase, “Be Here Now” is like a two-edged sword and cuts in multiple directions. So, even as I come to this liturgy for the October First Friday, I bring myself along with all my most current thoughts and distractions. Missing an appointment that I made for yesterday made me all that much more aware of how easy it is for me to miss things if I don’t do something special that makes me think of what I have to do today. But this is the way our life goes on. We cannot just sit in our prayer closet oblivious to our current surroundings. we have to be ready to take it all in, sift it, and see what is important and separate the good fish from the useless ones.

To begin we need to know that he was the founder of hermitage in the German area of Chartreuse from which comes the order of hermits called Carthusians. The other fact that gives this saint notice is that this order has never had to be reformed because it was never deformed! St. Bruno – like St. Thomas Aquinas – was a genius but he did have his unique streak and was noted for his temper tantrums. In this light, he is a model for all of us: we hear the word of God; we know about Jesus and His mighty words and works; we are ready to drop everything and follow him. Then the events of our lives barge in and distract us. If we focus on the distractions we are not letting God in and we will not be able to get around whatever it is that’s taking all of our energy and attention.

All throughout the history of the world we are able to see that our rag-tag ancestors struggled to find meaning in their lives. Then went in and out of favor with their understanding of who and what God was all about. Most importantly, they forgot that they were not “gods of their own world” and that they would forever be seeking to find that balance of their lives as they made their journey …. Into the kingdom.

Amazingly, here I am: just halfway through my 76thyear and still struggling with who and what I am and how I relate to those around me. So my prayer today will be: “Let go and let God. Don’t hold on to things especially that sense of ‘I’ll show him! I’ll make him sorry that he confronted me’ (in this or that situation) and thank God that I wasn’t injured and that life will go on and I’ll probably find myself in this or a similar situation somewhere else down the road of life. ‘Welcome to the imperfect world!” Amen!

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