October 7, 2017 – Saturday in the 26th Week of the Church Year

Today’s Feast: Our Lady of the RosaryPraying the Rosary

Scripture Readings for today’s Feast

Baruch 4:5-12, 27-29 – Psalm 69 – Luke 10: 17-24

 Mother of good counsel, you prayed with the disciples s they waited in the Upper Room; pray for all those who await deliverance from suffering and death.”

Today the Dominicans celebrate this feast which originally was a commemoration of the Battle of Lepanto with a victory over the Turks in 1565. Sometimes I wonder if Mary really likes to be remembered as some kind of military strategist winning battles over anybody? So how de we celebrate this feast? I’m going to take my own track and focus on how the Rosary can be an outline for our lives and how it can help us be victorious – not over some other victim – but victorious in our own journey to the Kingdom.

Hindu mystics tell us that our lives are divided into 4 twenty year periods: 20 years as a youth; 20 years as a warrior; 20 years as head of a household; & 20 years in search of the “Spirit.”

I’ve taken this outline & applied it to the 4 parts of the Rosary: the “joyful” mysteries the youth of Christ; the “Sorrowful” His ‘warrior years;’ the “Glorious” as the building up of the Church (the ‘household of God) and the Luminous as following the Spirit into Heaven. Try these kinds of meditations and let your thoughts give you some new insights into how you can gain victory – not by crushing someone else – but by gaining victory over your own inner battles & struggles on your journey towards the Kingdom. Remember St. Catherine …”It’s Heaven all the way to Heaven!” Amen!

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