November 8, 2017 From the Russian River

November 8, 2017 – Wednesday in the 30 Week of the Church Year

Today’s Celebration: Dedication of the Basilica of St. John Lateran (1646)

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy::

Romans: 13:8-10 – Psalm 112 – Luke 14:25-33

Note from Brother Daniel

 I think most of you know that our Dominican Community from St. Dominic’s in San Francisco has been on retreat on the Russian River, two hours north of San Francisco at a retreat house belonging to the Christian Brothers. It is a lovely facility with a porch perched high on the bank of the river which allows a wonderful views directly up the river.   I don’t know exactly how far we are from the coast but it’s not so far as to keep sea otters from making daily rounds for their morning meals. Our spiritual gatherings are mostly in the morning allowing us to take a little exercise during the day on the many walks and hikes that surround the property.

The one drawback for me was the lack of good internet connections thus giving me lots of headaches. I hope to get this note posted right away and then I’ll see how to get better connection to the internet my SPR after that. We head back to the City on Friday and then back to our normal routine. All in all, though, it’s be a great time and back hope that I can get on line tomorrow, Thursday before we return to the City on Friday.

As always, I am sorry for the interruption to my Scratchpad Reflections but we’ll get back on track before the weekend. Thank you for your patience in these days and I hope and pray that I’ll be in better shape in a day or two if the internet gives me a break. As ever, Brother Daniel writing from the Russian River Retreat 11/8/17

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