November 21, 2017 – Tuesday in the 33rd Week of the Church Year

Today’s Celebration: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

2 Maccabees 6:18 – 31 – Psalm 3 – Luke 19:1 – 10

There is a transition here as we enter into the last week of our liturgical year. The memorial of the Presentation of Mary doesn’t get special readings so we’re left kind of hanging on a ledge and have to “go with the flow” of this last week of the year with the “memorial” tacked on for what it’s worth.

It should be no secret that so much of what surrounds this commemoration has to be approcrophal since there weren’t people around taking notes as Mary was presented in the temple. All we can really do is let various images float through our minds and maybe ask the question, “how important is it that Mary be kept “special” and free from any stain of original sin in order to welcome Jesus into her body? When the Gospels give us Jesus’ own words, “behold, I stand at the door and knock. Whoever (that includes all of us sinners and wayfarers) opens the door I will come in and dine with them and they with me.” Yet there are many prominent people from OT days who were thus “presented” to the temple in order that they might one day become important persons in the continuing saga of “God’s dwelling with us.”

Then we have this short passage from Luke’s Gospel of the poor widow and her two small coins. “She has given more than all the others put together because she gave out of her need and not out of her abundance.” So, bottom line: we all need to “enter in” to the presence of God in some way or another. We have to turn those tables around and not just wait for God to knock at the door of our heart. We have to place ourselves at the door of His presence and desire to enter into the realm of God’s presence – all the days of our life. Here there is no room for “general intentions” and we have to be pro-active in striving to enter into God’s way. St. Catherine: “It’s Heaven all the way to Heaven.” Amen!


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