December 22, 2017 – Friday in the 3rd week of Advent

Saint for the day: Blessed Jacopone da Todi (c. 1230 – December 25, 1306)

Scripture readings for today’s Liturgy:

1 Samuel 1:24-28 – 1 Samuel 2:1 … 8abcd – Luke 1:46-56

“O gates, lift high your heads; grow higher, ancient doors. Let him enter, the king of glory.” (Today’s Entrance Antiphon: Psalm 24)

 Why does the Church, in these last days of Advent keep repeating this first section of the Gospel: the Annunciation & Magnificent? We must need to come to an important conclusion of what this means to us today. We can take any part of this prayer of Mary and find encouragement in being exalted by God. It claims mercy for the pure (in heart for they shall see God) to see in God perfect goodness & to rejoice in His presence.

This prayer, based on OT scriptures links all of salvation History together: the promise of life out of bareness. It reminds us that God can do great things in our lives even when we can’t see the full picture & when we doubt that God is even aware of our plight or worry.

God is mighty & does great things for His chosen people. Do we believe in God’s power in our lives?   Can we let God “impregnate” us with His presence or do we turn away thinking, “Who am I that such a wonder should happen in my life?


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