January 24, 2018 – Wed. in the 3rd Week of the Church Year


Saint for the day: Francis de Sales (August 21, 1567 – December 28, 162)

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy

2 Samuel 7:4-17 – Ps 89 – Mark 4:1-20

“…some seed fell on the path; … some fell on rocky ground; …some fell among thorns; …and some fell on rich soil…” (words from today’s Holy Gospel)

 Today, this parable seems to send me all the way back to Genesis and God’s creation of our first parents, Adam and Eve, formed out of the dirt of the earth. In a couple of weeks many of us will gather at liturgy for the beginning of Lent and be marked with ashes and reminded, “Remember! You are dust and unto dust you shall return.” If we play with these words we might get a deeper understanding of the meaning of today’s parable. Remember that the Latin word for “earth” or “soil” is HUMAS from which we get our English word, “Humility.” So, keep that notion in mind and then go back and re-read today’s Gospel and see how many times Jesus uses the word, ”Hear” in the telling of this parable. Then we have to ask ourselves, “What do I hear when God/Jesus speaks to me? … And how do I respond e.g. what and where am I when He speaks? On the path where it gets trampled? In the rocks or thorns? With no water?

When Jesus comes up out of the Baptismal water the voice of God booms from the heavens, “This is my beloved Son! LISTEN to him!”

 In the creation story, at the end of each day God says, “… and it was good.” Every aspect of God’s creative power is good. Yet it’s up to us to be sure we receive that fullness. God’s WORD is spread out in great sweeps to everyone and it’s our responsibility to be able to receive it in a way that it can give us life. “Let the one who has ears to hear …HEAR!. . . And bear fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.”

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