January 26, 2018 – Friday in the 3rd week of the Church Year

Saints for the day: Timothy and Titus (died c. 95)

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

2nd Timothy 1:1-8 – Ps 96 – Mark 4:26-34

“Tell among the nations his glory, and his wonders among all the peoples, for the Lord is great and highly to e praised.” (Today’s Entrance Antiphon)

 Satan doesn’t have to lure us by showing us tempting visions of supposed pleasure. All he has to do is place doubt in our minds that things aren’t really going well in our lives. Doubt about God’s creation & redemption; doubt about what is light & darkness; doubt about our own journey & doubt about other people who are a part of our lives.

It’s so easy for us to put down people around us & dismiss them as less than perfect – as we are but what, really does that do in the greater picture of the journey as the people of God.

“United we stand, divided we fall.” What the devil does to us is give us the notion that things would be so much better if … if Obama was president; … if there were a different Pope …; if I could just live with people who did this or that. Satan seeks to put doubt into our lives and then we just go from there. On a downward slide into the abyss of gloom and Satan doesn’t have to do anything else. He is truly remarkable in that all he has to do is nudge us a little and then leave us to do the rest of the downfall. “The boat is sinking we better take the money and split.” How many examples in the Gospels does Jesus calm the storms in our lives and free us from fears or doubts? Perfect love casts out all fear. Satan is devoid of any love and only has lies and doubts to work with. If we go that route he doesn’t have to do anything else. Amen!

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