January 27, 2018 – Sat. in the 3rd, Week of the Church Year

St. Angela Merici (1470? – 1540) Heb 10:1-10 / Mk 3:31-35

As I always do when beginning these reflections, I look first to the images that first pop into my mind. Today, like most days I look to the saint for the day and there found St. Angela Merici a late 16th C founder of a religious community of teaching sisters. I also read the Gospel wherein Jesus seems to show His own family to focus on those who “Hear the word of God …” Then I read the Magnificat meditation which was from St. Catherine of Siena and which got very graphic talking about Jesus’ offering of His own blood – which we must drink of. And the whole focus on sacrifice. Looking for some common thread, I saw that St. Angele & St. Catherine came from entirely different kinds of families. Angela was almost an orphan while Catherine was # 27th in her family. Yet both were able to accomplish great things in their lifetime – albeit in very different ways. Catherine, although mostly remaining an individual person as a private tertiary while Angela founded a very successful community of women religious. Angela, without any close family, created a family dedicated to “raising educated girls” in the faith. Catherine, on the other hand – with plenty of family went about, like Jesus, mostly on her own but able to accomplish incredibly great things for the growth of the Church.

Bottom line: “Hearing the word of God” isn’t a matter of choosing one way or the other of following the Lord – in a large family or without any family. But rather a mater of being able to hear what God is calling each of us to. “if you are married – stay married. If you are single – stay that way.” But “Be here now” and say “yes” to today with passion! Amen!

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