January 29, 2018 – Mon. in the 4th Week of the Church Year


Saint for the day: Servant of God Brother Juniper (d. 1258)

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

2 Samuel 15: 13 … 30..16:5-13 – Ps. 3 … Mark 5:1-20

One of the beautiful aspects of our Catholic Liturgies is that we are given so many examples of different people’s encounters with God/Jesus. So let us take advantage of all that today’s liturgy gives us.

At the first we might look at the life of John Bosco who is today’s “saint.”   The first impression that I got from his life is that he understood that love is more powerful than the sword. Or, we might say, “Charity” is the Gospel way over coercion or threat of punishment and his revolutionary way of teaching in an atmosphere of love allowed him to be very successful in the education of young, often disadvantaged youth.

In our Old Testament Scriptures from the books of Samuel we are at no want to see how God desires to draw us to Himself in the very exciting story of David. In many ways, David’s life is the antithesis of the life of John Bosco and we can see that “warring” will never actually bring us peace. But, still, God, who “writes crooked with straight lines” can bring about His good no matter what we do. This should be an encouragement to all of us.

And, not to leave out our very important Gospel, we are given several options to understanding how Jesus responds to our needs: whether we sneak up behind Him or come boldly like the Synagogue official, Jesus is ready to meet us with healing.   No matter who we are – a frightened, humble person or proud, Synagogue official (or a King like David) God is ready to meet us if only we approach Him. St. John Bosco built his entire ministry on the simple fact that “love heals” more than punishment.

We all need healing: Can we stretch out our hand to allow Jesus to raise us up? That’s all it takes. Amen!



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