February 20, 2018 – Tuesday in the 1st Week of Lent

Saints for the day:Lourdes “Blesseds:” Jacinta (died 1920) & Francisco Marto (died 1919) 

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

Isaiah 5:10-11 – Ps.34 -Matthew 6:7-15

“Becoming a prayerful person”

 Today the Church gives us two more “bookends” to help us in our journey in becoming prayerful people. In Isaiah we hear that “my word which goes out shall not return to me void until it has done all that it is supposed to do.” And the Gospel tells us n0t to multiply our words like the pagans do. So, how do we make sense out of what we are hearing in today’s liturgy?

Perhaps if we start at the very, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God.”

In Genesis we read,   “And He Said,It is good.” Then Jesus said, “and God said, let there be light. And so it was. His disciples thought He is the “Light of the World” so that we can walk without stumbling or falling.

So, if God has said all there is to say how do we enter into that scene with our prayers? Are we supposed to change God’s mind? Do we think that we mortals can see a better picture of things than God can?

As I sit here in the dark of our Chapel in the early hours of the morning trying to come to grips with this subject of “prayer” I think that I will have to land on some kind of an understanding of what it’s all about.

For that reason, I go back to those opening words of the Bible: “in the beginning all was a formless void … and God said, ‘Let there be LIGHt.’” And we know that Jesus is that light so our prayer might be, “Lord, bring me into your light that I might see you more clearly and follow you more dearly. Then, all of a sudden it’s not simply a matter of telling God what we need but of being in His light that brings meaning to our journey no matter what we are going through or experiencing. Amen!



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