Friday, March 2, 2018 – Friday in the 2nd week of Lent

“God writes straight with crooked lines!”

This isn’t the first time I’ve quoted the above passage so it seems that it fits to so many of the situations that we encounter in our journey in following Jesus.

Both of the saints celebrated on this day experienced the “crooked lines of God” in their lives. Dominic Savio had but a brief life – dying at the young age of 15 yet he was known for his holiness even at that young age.

St. Frances of Rome, on the other hand, had a very up and down struggle in her attempt to follow God in her life

Then we come to this story of “Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.” And our Gospel puts it all into perspective and ties it together – still in this “crooked lines of God” manner that sees Jesus being handed over to be crucified that we might have life.

Once again, we have to be careful not to let familiar stories sway us from the essence of what’s going on: the means that God ordained for all time that His only begotten Son would be the price of our salvation.

“Wait, wait,” we might say. Let’s try to figure out a better way to bring this about. After all, you’re God and you could do this in any way you wanted.

And therein lays the truth: we’re not dealing with some “pie in the sky” kind of God who miraculously floats down from His place in Haven to touch our lives and save us. Our God – our Savior – is right there in the trenches with us as we struggle to follow Him. And, just like Jesus, we suffer humiliation at the hands of our friends and those whom we thought would never turn on us.

Bottom line: if we endure with Him He will stay with us. It reminds me of the Israelites getting to the edge of the Red Sea and complaining to Moses who tells them, “you only have to be still. Stand firm and fear not. You will see what God will do to save you.”

But most of us squirm around and try to find a way out on our own. STAND FIRM. FEAR NOT! God hasn’t forgotten you. “Let Him write your story – straight, with His crooked lines!” Amen!

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