March 5, 2018 – Monday in the 3rd week of Lent

Saint for the day: John Joseph of the Cross – August 15, 1654 – March 5, 1734

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

2 Kings 5:1 – 15 – Psalm 42 – Luke 4:24-30

Today we get another reminder from Jesus that His mercy, compassion and healing are poured out on all those in need. Not only the one’s who are part of our limited world view. We’re about half way through Lent and we often slip into self absorption thinking we’ve done well in our efforts to amend our lives. Unfortunately we tend to hold on to our “better-than-you” attitude which limits our ability to be all inclusive in the way mercy is shared. It’s not enough to give up sweets if all it does is make us pine for candy. Our giving up or anything needs to allow us to step back from the ordinary in order to see where our mercy & compassion is needed. Often this move will force us to look at situations that we would rather not confront. I think of the act of the Pope during Lent when he washes the feet of 12 prisoners. I’m sure that some Monsignor carefully selects just the right blend of people for this act for the safety of the Pope. This symbolic act loses all its value since it is too controlled. In Lent all of us have to go beyond a limited act that we can do with no possibility of being affected. Perhaps it would be better if the pope just went out on his own, dressed like a common person and did some act of kindness without any fan fare. “What good is there if you only love those who love you?”

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