April 4, 2018 – in the 1st week of Easer

Saint for the day: Isidore of Seville (c. 560 – April 4, 636)

Scripture readings for today’s Liturgy:

Acts 3:1-10 – Psalm 105 – Luke 24:13 – 35

What is it about the Risen Christ that kept the disciples from recognizing him? Sometimes the scriptures tell us, “their eyes were restrained.” Surely God could have revealed Himself in a way that everybody could easily see …. And believe. Yet he chooses to do it on a one-to-one basis. Take the transfiguration, for example. He could have done that on the Mountain of “Loves & fish” but He did it with just the chosen three. He could have done the death and resurrection in a Broadway, “Super Star” sort of production yet He chose to do it to Mary Magdalen & these two guys on the road to Emmaus.

The Emmaus guys eyes were restrained in order for them to gradually come to a deep, heart-felt realization that burned inside the core of their being. Those babies that were baptized on Easter Sunday haven’t a clue as to what happened to them. They will have to eventually come to that “Emmaus point” where it will begin to make sense and they can say, “where not our hearts burning…?”

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