April 5, 2018 – Thurs. the 1st week of Easter

Saint for the day:Vincent Ferrer (Jan 23, 1350 – April 5, 1419)

Scripture Readings for today’s Liturgy:

Acts 3:11-26 – Psalm 8 – Luke:24:35-48

Words, by their very definition are limited. Imagine Jesus standing before you – not speaking but able, still to communicate this Gospel scene. How do you “see Him bringing “Peace?” How do you know about His wounds? What do they look like? Does He beckon you to touch Him? Does He indicate that He is hungry? When we say that words in themselves are limited we have to also say that our words about Jesus & Heaven are also very limiting. Jesus is the word. The logos. That which is before and beyond time, space, and our concept of being. All our worries and questions from the time of the crucifixion and on are tied up in our limited words. We must go beyond these limitations in order to know the resurrected (real) Jesus. We need to put aside all those “wordy concepts” in order to be able to see/know Jesus. Amen!


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