May 14, 2018 – Monday in the 7th week of Easter

Saint for the day:     Matthias (dates unknown)

Scripture readings for today’s Liturgy:

Acts 1:15-17, 20-26 / Psalms 113 / John 15:9-17

How do we get chosen to be “apostles” of Jesus? What is the difference between knowing Jesus in the first third of the first century & coming to know Him now – in the 21st Century? As Catholics. It is the Eucharist that keeps us “witnesses” of Jesus. That means that we are right next to Jesus and can hear His teachings & follow His main command, “Love one another…”

Our struggle, though, is to be able to see as Jesus sees and we know that Jesus often caught His followers in their blindness or their inability to see the larger, total picture. Loving as Jesus loves means we must put aside our pre-conceived biases and expand our notion of who can be saved. It’s always easy for me to love the people who think like me. The hard part comes when I have to love the people who have hurt me. Yet this is what Jesus did from the cross. “Father forgive them…” If I want to be a “witness of Jesus” then I must be willing to see Jesus in these kinds of people. Amen!

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