May 23, 2018 – Wednesday in the 7th week of Ordinary Time

Saint for the day: Gregory VIII – (c. 1025 – May 25, 1085)

Scripture readings for today’s Liturgy:

James 4:13-17 – Psalm 49:2-3-,6-8-10-11 – Mark 9:38-40

Two principles: be careful of your five year plans; don’t get jealous if somebody else is successful.

One of my favorite weird books, “Be Here Now” authored by some obtuse, Eastern Guru of the 60’s era had some good points namely, this is the acceptable time. This is the moment of salvation. When the Israelites got stopped up against the sea God told them, “stand still.” Stop going I circles and you’ll see what God can do for you.

Fears and jealousy can sap the presence of God and leave us foundering in the dark and like a puff of smoke … it’s all over. The disciples get upset because someone is doing miracles but isn’t in our group. It’s like they’re stealing something from the disciples that didn’t belong to them. Do we get upset when we see someone else doing some good deed? Jesus says, “If they’re not against us they’re for us.” What business is it of mine if there is good deeds are being done but not by me? We should be happy when anyone is able to do good in the name of Jesus. As members of the community we should be rejoicing when a brother or sister is successful. Our’s is not to judge. As the old adage used to go, “Ours is not to reason why. Ours is just to do and die!” Some truth to that!


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