May 29, 2018 Tuesday in the 8th Week in Ordinary time.

May 29. 2018 –


Saint for the day: Venerable Pierre Toussaint 1776 – 1853

Scripture readings for today’s Liturgy

1 Peter 1:10-16 – Psalm 98 – Mark 10: :28-31



“Be holy as I am Holy … You will not be bulked of your reward.”

Our baptism calls us into the journey and we must gird up the loins of our minds and proceed soberly knowing that the road will lead us to Calvery. We don’t need to be very clever to realize that nobody gets out of this life alive but gains eternal life in Heaven. Jesus says, “Anyone who sets his hand to this plow – and doesn’t flinch and look back – will not be balked of his reward.” Just as Jesus, on the way to Calvery, was jeared at, mocked and fallen, we must see that the setbacks and trials we encounter are a part of our birth process into heaven.

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