About Praedicare

“Praedicare: Saint Dominic’s Catholic Church, San Francisco”, is the official blog of Saint Dominic’s Catholic Church in San Francisco, CA.

Our aim is to offer another platform to allow our parish community to know of the many events happening at our parish, including concerts, lectures and retreats.

This being said, many of our blog posts will consider the spirituality of the Dominican Order, who are proud to run this flourishing parish in the City by the Bay. We will also offer the opportunity of our parishioners, friars, and staff to offer their thoughts on how Jesus has changed their lives.

The title of our blog, “Praedicare”, comes from the Latin word for “to preach” or “to teach”.  One of the many mottos of the Order is “Laudare, Benedicare, Praedicare”, or “To praise, to bless, to preach”.

You will periodically see a number of series, including:ancient letter and ink feath

A Preacher’s Life – a regular series offering insights about Dominican Spirituality and how that is manifested in our parish.

Source and Summit – a regular series about liturgy and the Mass

Plus, of course, insights and reflections of many things happening in our world and culture.