Our Pastor’s Corner, September 21, 2014, Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This weekend, Pastor Emeritus Fr. Martin Walsh, O.P., will preach about the current situation for Christians in Iraq. As the director of the Western Dominican Mission Foundation, he is uniquely connected with the work of our Dominican Sisters in the … Continue reading

Our Pastor’s Corner, September 14, 2014, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Today we celebrate the Exaltation of the Cross. Historically, this feast commemorates the moment when St. Helena discovered the True Cross on which Christ died. After the death and resurrection of Christ, authorities in Jerusalem made efforts to obscure the … Continue reading

Our Pastor’s Corner, August 24, 2014, Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Continuing our St. Dominic’s Month festivities, last Saturday, we celebrated a Mass of Remembrance for the happy repose of the souls of those who have died this past year and the consolation of loved ones. As part of the liturgy, … Continue reading

Our Pastor’s Corner, August 3, 2014, Solemnity of the Dedication of the Church

“It’s our shrine and we’re not sharing!” I recently chatted with an avid 49ers fan about the unveiling of the new $1.3-billion football stadium in Santa Clara. One interesting aspect of the ribbon-cutting ceremony came when football’s commissioner hinted that the … Continue reading