A few kind words from our readers….

March 26, 2014:

Dear Father Molano,
Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog!  We (my husband and I and our 2 sons) are parishioners at St. Ignatius (SF), but frequently visit St. Dominic’s.  I don’t know if you are writing all the articles or it’s a community effort; regardless, it’s fabulous!  You’ve got a tremendous skill of communicating our faith to the common man, and you’re doing a great service for your readers.  I like your friendly, humorous, and sincere writing style, which inspires my faith and knowledge of what it means to be a Catholic.
Sue Ann
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April 5, 2014
As an “old Christian”, but a new Catholic, I have enjoyed the variety of offerings from St Dominic’s  fledgeling “Praedicare” blog.
It arrived only a few months after I did to this venerable Dominican outpost parish church in San Francisco.  It has very much enhanced my journey.  One never knows the when or what of an e-delivery to your mailbox which makes it sort of a gift.  The writers and contributors vary and there is a good variety of themes, often suited to specific holy days or celebrations.  It is good to be reminded, or should I say informed, about some relatively obscure saint on “their” day in the midst of doing other things…sort of a jolt from heaven sometimes.  Fr. Michael Hurley’s weekly bulletin articles have also recently been incorporated on the blog.
Administrator Fr. Isaiah-Mary is an entertaining, informed and passionate writer…never a bad combination for a trinitarian.  He has brought to life many “big” concerns and issues in contemporary culture, histories and discussions of the Sacraments and holy days,
and shared some keen observations in the “Preacher’s Life” writings.  Even Harry Potter flew (I think) in at least once to help with some deep theological conundrum.
I have certainly had my view of what happens in and around St Dominic’s Church enlarged and enhanced by “Praedicare” and find it a fine addition to the many spiritual offerings from this truly amazing parish community.  “Pradicare” as much as the weekly bulletin, represents our experiences of Christ in community together.
Oh, and I love the final sign-off…what do you think the exclamation point at the end means?
“Holy Father Dominic, pray for us!”
Steve Reading,
publications editor and musician
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April 15, 2014

I’ve been thinking about how to express the gift I’ve found in Praedicare and all the many offerings at St. Dominic’s to enrich one’s faith. It came to me as we entered Holy Week. I’m a relatively a new Catholic from another parish. When I was preparing for my Confirmation two years ago, I was profoundly moved by the experience of Holy Thursday and the ritual of the Foot Washing. You might wonder how this could have anything to do with the Praedicare blog, but it has everything to do with what I learned about “giving and receiving” love that first Holy Thursday…that there are other opportunities for “giving and receiving” in day-to-day life for us to practice Jesus’ commandment, “Love one another, as I have loved you.” …and to be more conscious of our intended role in it — both the giving part and the willingness to receive from others.

 Praedicare is truly one of those opportunities. It is so much more than a blog…

Ø       It is sometimes a “good friend” talking with you, giving you an “inside look” on some aspect of their way of living in faith, so you might enrich your life.

Ø       It is often a guide to engage yourself in a way to broaden your perspective or to grow in faith that always seems to be inviting you to belong, even if it is only in the distance.

Ø       It is a source to giving and receiving wisdom, knowledge, and insight to bring the liturgical seasons to life.

Ø       It is a living example of “loving one another” just by witnessing how the priests and other special writers share so generously with one another.

Ø       It is also a practical guide to keep you informed so you are never left out.

Ø       It has rippling influences; because it is meant to be shared with others…it has brought light to many friends in my parish.

Ø       Sometimes, it is really funny and brings the gift of a good laugh!

For all these reasons and more… I’m deeply grateful for Praedicare and St. Dominic’s. Thank you Fr. Isaiah Mary Molano, Fr. Michael Hurley (Pastor), Fr. Emmanuel Taylor, and all the Dominican Brothers who work together to show us what it means to “give and receive love” by their actions.

I belong to another parish, but St. Dominic’s was highly recommended to me as a place of “sanctifying grace.” Amen.


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