Favorite Posts

Here is a short list of blogs that capture well the spirit of Praedicare.  They are listed chronologically:

Yes, Virginia, there is a Saint Nicolas – Santa Claus and St Nicolas of Myra and the funny clothes they wear.

The Immaculate Conception Window – a short reflection on a little known window and how it fits into the Church’s overall design

A Harry Potter Christmas – pretty self-explanatory….

A Preacher’s Life – Intinerancy – Dominicans move around.  A lot.  Here is one reason why.

NOT EXACTLY a day in the life of an average priest – By far the most commented post thus far, this is a very busy, but very graced day.  (This was actually posted before comments were allowed.) …if only I could find that sandwich….

Breakfast of Champions – …you know you live in a house of guys when….

Of Jubilees and Young Adults Groups – In 2014, St Dominic’s Young Adults Groups celebrated their Silver Jubilee.  My reflections and challenges regarding the future of the Group.