Below are a number of sources for your perusal:


st-francis-xavier-iconSt. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society – I have written a number of blogs about this ministry.  This is a group of laymen and laywomen called to serve the evangelize in greater Asia as missionaries.  Founder Tricia Bolle and myself share a passion to from young adults and college students to become intentional disciples.  Please pray for vocations to this newly formed Society of Catholic Laymen and Laywomen.


Within San Francisco:

Saint Dominic Catholic Church – Parish website

Archdiocese of San Francisco – website for the Archdiocese of San Francisco


The Dominicans:Fran Angelico

Order of Preachers – worldwide website for the entire Order

Western Dominican Province – also known as the Province of the Most Holy Name

Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology – ever wonder where the friars learned it all?

San Raphael Dominican Sisters

Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Western Province Lay Dominicans


Other Dominican Blogs:

To God About God – Blog of the Student Brothers of the Western Dominican Province

Dominicana – Blog of the Student Brothers of the Eastern Dominican Province

GodzDogs – Blog of the Student Brothers of the English Dominican Province

Eastern Africa Dominicans – featuring our own Brother Daniel!


Rosary Websites:

Rosary Center in Portland, OR

Rosarium – Rosary Confraternity website, worldwide