The Liturgy of the Hours, part IX – Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharist

From the Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours: “To the different hours of the day the liturgy of the hours extends the praise and thanksgiving, the memorial of the mysteries of salvation, the petitions and the foretaste of heavenly … Continue reading

The Liturgy of the Hours, part VIII – Progressive Solemnity

When I was in hospital ministry, there was a Catholic seminarian on my team, and another woman who was studying to be a Lutheran pastor.  The seminarian and I were debating over whether or not a particular saint was celebrated … Continue reading

The Liturgy of the Hours, part VII – Unity and Universality

It is perfectly conceivable that there is someone, somewhere, at prayer right now.  But what if at, around five o’clock in the evening in every timezone, people are praying the same exact psalms? This is another reason why I find … Continue reading

Liturgy of the Hours, part VI – Compline with the Dominicans

Tomorrow night, the postulants will receive the habit of the Order. The Church will be closed after the 5:30 Mass. The Dominican Order’s more notable houses are in Bologna and Paris.  There are many stories of how the Order founded … Continue reading

The Liturgy of the Hours, part IV – Roadmap & Terminology

My screenwriter professor once commented that every culture has its own nomenclature.  And so does Divine Office.  This website is a great resource on the basics of the Divine Office. It offers the actual moment-by-moment outline of what the hours … Continue reading

The Liturgy of the Hours, part III – Where did the Liturgy of the Hours come from?

Where did the Divine Office come from?  Was it something that just happened?  Dropped from the sky like a meteor?  Something that the dolphins and dinosaurs did so we had decided to emulate? In the psalms, we read, “Seven times … Continue reading